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Sets background text for status line

void sm_setbkstat(char *message, int display_attr);

Specifies the message to display as background text.

The display attributes to use for message, one of the constants defined in smattrib.h.

Foreground colors can be used alone or OR'd with one or more highlights, a background color, and a background highlight. If you do not specify a highlight or a background color, the attribute defaults to white against a black background. Omitting a foreground color causes the attribute to default to black.


sm_setbkstat saves the contents of message for display on the status line when there is no other message with a higher priority to display. The highest priority messages are those passed to sm_d_msg_line, sm_ferr_reset, and sm_fquiet_err; the next highest are those attached to a widget or screen through its status_line_text property. Background status text has lowest priority.

sm_setstatus sets the background status to an alternating ready/wait flag; turn this feature off before calling sm_setbkstat.

sm_d_msg_line shows how to embed attributes and function key names in messages.

See Also

sm_d_msg_line, sm_setstatus