Programming Guide


Puts an application into help mode

void sm_set_help(void);


sm_set_help puts Panther into help mode. When Panther is in help mode, mouse-clicking on any object in the Panther application invokes the help that is associated with that object. On GUI platforms, help mode changes the mouse pointer shape to the symbol associated with help—for example, on Windows and Motif, a question mark with an arrow. In character mode, the status line displays Help Mode.

While Panther is in help mode, the user can click on any application object that can have help associated with it—a screen, toolbar or menu item, or widget. Help on an object is accessible whether or not the object is inactive or focus-protected. Clicking on the screen is equivalent to using the logical key FHLP; clicking on a widget is equivalent to HELP.

Panther exits help mode and restores the mouse pointer shape after a mouse click occurs.