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Executes a JPL send command

int sm_send(char *send_args);

A string constant that contains send command arguments:
[ bundle bundle-name ] [ append ] data data-expr[,...]

For a description of these arguments, refer to the send command.



sm_send executes a JPL send command exactly as if called from JPL. sm_send writes screen data to a buffer that is accessible to other screens through calls to sm_receive or the JPL receive command. sm_send can send one or more values from fields and array occurrences on a screen. It can also send character string constants as well as parts of arrays or the current occurrence of an array.

Panther writes the data that you specify in sm_send to a temporary buffer, or bundle, which you can optionally name. Panther by default maintains up to ten bundles; you can set the number of available bundles using the max_bundles property. If you omit a bundle name, Panther writes the data to an unnamed bundle; this data is accessed by the next call to sm_receive or receive that also omits a bundle name argument or specifies it as an empty string.

For more information, refer to the send command.

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