Programming Guide


Displays or prints a report that is in metafile format

#include <rwdefs.h>
int sm_rw_play_metafile(char *invocation_str);

A string that contains the name of the metafile to run and one or more invocation options in this format:
"metafile-name [ option ]..."

If metafile-name contains spaces, it must be quoted. For a description of invocation options, refer to "Setting Invocation Options" in Reports.



sm_rw_play_metafile takes an existing metafile and processes it according to the specified invocation options. Metafiles are the output of a report invocation that specifies rwmetafile as its output driver (refer to "Driver Options" in Reports). For example, this statement saves the first two pages of metafile report1.rwm to a PostScript file:

retcode = sm_rw_play_metafile \
("report1.rwm driver=postscript \ overwrite topage=2")

This function can be used in an report service's unload handler to process server-generated metafiles. For more information about using this function in unload handlers, refer to "Handling Client Output" in Reports.