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Returns an integer handle for an application component

#include <smuprapi.h>
int sm_prop_id(char *obj_name);

A string that identifies an object in the current application. The string must conform to Panther object name conventions. For information about valid formats, refer to "Properties" in Application Development Guide.

For example, this call to sm_prop_id gets a handle to the cust_id widget in the custlist screen:

err = sm_prop_id

A non-subscripted widget identifier returns a handle to the entire widget. If the widget is an array, you can use this handle to get or set properties for all occurrences and elements. You can also create handle to an array that lets you get or set properties for individual occurrences or elements. To do this, include an empty subscript in the widget's string identifier, using one of these two formats:



sm_prop_id gets an integer handle to an application component—widgets and array elements or occurrences. Use this handle to get and change the component's properties with calls to functions like sm_prop_get_str or sm_prop_set_int.

Access to Occurrence and Element Properties

You can get three kinds of handles to an array, depending on whether the array's string identifier contains a subscript and the subscript's format:

See Also

sm_prop_get, sm_prop_set