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Copy data from field(s) to the Windows clipboard

#include <smmwuser.h>
int sm_n_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields);
int sm_i_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields, int from);
int sm_ii_PiMwCopyToClipboard(const char *fields, int from, int to);

A comma separated list of one or more fields. If copying from a word wrapped field, only one field can be specified. Grids and synchronized scrolling groups can also be specified, in which case, data from all the grid or group members is copied.

For a word wrapped field, the starting character; otherwise the starting occurrence.

For a word wrapped field, the ending character - 0 (zero) to copy the remaining characters; otherwise the ending occurrence.


Windows interactive. First released in Panther 5.40.



For a word wrapped field, the data is just copied, including any new line and tab characters in the field data.

Otherwise, the field data is tab separated with each occurrence being on a separate line. This allows the data to be pasted, for example, into a spreadsheet.

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