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Instantiating an object

int sm_obj_create(char *object);

The service component to instantiate.


COM, EJB, Java



sm_obj_create instantiates a service component regardless of whether it is deployed using COM, EJB or Java technologies. Before invoking this function, you must set the current_component_system application property in order to select the type of components to create: PV_SERVER_COM for COM components, PV_SERVER_EJB for Enterprise JavaBeans deployed in a JEE Application Server, such as IBM's WebSphere Application Server, or PV_SERVER_JAVA for Java Objects.

The argument to sm_obj_create may contain a comma separated list of parameters that is specific to the component system being used. When sm_obj_create is called from JPL, these embedded parameters should be passed as separate parameters to sm_obj_create.

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