Programming Guide


Positions the cursor to the first unprotected field beyond the current line

void sm_nl(void);


sm_nl moves the cursor to the next line of the screen or to the next occurrence of a scrolling array. If the current field is non-scrolling, the cursor goes to the first unprotected field, if any, on the screen's next line. If all fields below the current one are protected, the cursor wraps to the screen's first unprotected field.

If the cursor is on the last allocated occurrence of a scrolling array and the number of allocated occurrences is less than the maximum, Panther allocates an empty occurrence.

If all fields are protected, the cursor goes to the first column of the next line. If the cursor is on the screen's last line of the form, it wraps to the screen's top left-hand corner (0,0).

sm_nl does not immediately trigger field entry, exit, or validation processing. Such processing occurs according to the cursor position when control returns to sm_input.

This function is usually bound to NL.

See Also

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