Programming Guide


Loads an LDB into memory

int sm_ldb_load(char *ldbname);

The name of the LDB to load.



sm_ldb_load loads a screen into memory as an LDB. Multiple LDBs can be loaded into memory; of these, one or more can be active at any time. Once an LDB is loaded, you can activate it by calling sm_ldb_state_set; only active LDBs are open to read and write operations.

You can load multiple instances of the same LDB. For example, you might do this to prevent data from multiple invocations of the same screen from overwriting each other. Because Panther assigns a unique handle to each loaded LDB, you can reference these LDBs either collectively by their common name, or individually by their separate handles.

See Also

sm_ldb_state_set, sm_ldb_unload