Programming Guide


Gets the contents of an LDB entry

int sm_ldb_getfield (char *buffer, int field_number, char *ldbname);
int sm_i_ldb_getfield (char *buffer, char *field_name, int occurrence, char *ldbname);
int sm_n_ldb_getfield (char *buffer, char *field_name, char *ldbname);
int sm_o_ldb_getfield (char *buffer, int field_number, int occurrence, char *ldbname);
int sm_ldb_h_getfield (char *buffer, int field_number, int ldbhandle);
int sm_i_ldb_h_getfield (char *buffer, char *field_name, int occurrence, int ldbhandle);
int sm_n_ldb_h_getfield (char *buffer, char *field_name, int ldbhandle);
int sm_o_ldb_h_getfield (char *buffer, int field_number, int occurrence, int ldbhandle);

The buffer to get the LDB data.

field_name, field_number
The LDB field with the data to obtain.

The occurrence that contains the data to obtain.

The name of the LDB that contains the field.

The handle of the LDB that contains the field.


C only



sm_ldb_getfield gets the contents of an entry or array occurrence in the specified LDB. This function is not callable from JPL code. This function and its variants let you specify an LDB by name or by handle. The LDB must be among one of the LDBs loaded into memory. If multiple instances of the same LDB are loaded, you can get the value from the desired instance by specifying its handle; if you specify the LDB by name, Panther gets the value from the last-loaded instance.