Programming Guide


Executes a jpl procedure

double sm_djplcall(char *jplcall_text);
int sm_jplcall(char *jplcall_text);
char *sm_sjplcall(char *jplcall_text);

Specifies the JPL procedure to execute, where jplcall_text is a string of up to 255 characters that contains the name of a JPL module or procedure and its arguments. The module or procedure must be made public with an earlier call to the JPL public command or to sm_jplpublic.



sm_jplcall and its variants sm_djplcall and sm_sjplcall lets you call a JPL procedure or module from a C function. sm_jplcall executes a JPL procedure exactly as if the specified JPL statement were executed from within a JPL procedure. The three variants of this function differ only in their return value types.

For example, these statements in C and JPL are equivalent:

stat = sm_jplcall("verifysal(name, 50000)");
call verifysal(name, 50000)

For more information on calling JPL, refer to the call command.