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Gets a handle to the current screen that can be passed to the window manager

#include <smmwuser.h>
HWND sm_mw_drawingarea(void);
#include <smxmuser.h>
Widget sm_xm_drawingarea(void);


Motif, Windows; C only



sm_mw_drawingarea and sm_xm_drawingarea get a handle to the current screen—in the case of Windows, a HWND handle; under Motif, a Widget ID. Use these functions with sm_translatecoords to place objects such as bitmapped graphics or custom widgets on a Panther screen. Refer to sm_translatecoords for a Windows example that uses this function.

Note: The Widget ID that sm_xm_drawingarea returns is not a recognizable X widget type. Consequently, you cannot directly call XmAddCallback with it. To use this Widget ID, you must call XmAddEventHandler.

See Also

sm_translatecoords, sm_widget