Programming Guide


Executes a command available in Panther's database drivers


dbms dbmsStmt



The command to execute, where dbmsStmt can include one of the following:


The dbms command executes the specified command after colon expansion and syntax checking. These commands control the connections to database engines, process information fetched in SELECT statements, and update database information. For information on available commands, refer to Chapter 11, "DBMS Statements and Commands."

There are three methods of executing SQL statements:

For more information, refer to Chapter 28, "Writing SQL Statements," in Application Development Guide.

Because each database engine has unique features, refer to Database Drivers for information about database-specific features and commands.

Additional forms of colon expansion–colon plus processing and colon equal processing—are available with the dbms command to help format information before passing it to the database engine. For more information, refer to Chapter 29, "Reading Information from the Database," in Application Development Guide.


// Fetch next set of rows
dbms continue
// Commit transaction
dbms commit
// SQL statement
dbms QUERY select * FROM titles WHERE title_id = :+title_id