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Frees the memory allocated for a public module


unload moduleName [ moduleName]...


The name of the public module to remove from memory. This parameter is case-sensitive; the name must exactly match the name used in the public command.


The unload command releases the memory used to hold one or more JPL modules previously loaded into memory as public modules. After you unload moduleName, subsequent calls to that module read it from disk, the memory-resident list, or an open library. The named procedures in that module are inaccessible to the application except through its unnamed procedure.

Avoid unloading a module that is undergoing execution.

Unloading a module not currently in memory does not cause an error.


// load a file, call it in a loop,
// then unload it after exiting the loop
public validname
for i = 1 while i < 11 step 1
call validname (name[i])
unload validname

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