Programming Guide


Interpolates the contents of another module at the current statement line


include module


The name of the module to include.


The include command replaces the current include statement with the contents of the specified file module. include lets you write and maintain JPL in separate modules. You can thereby avoid hard-coding the same procedure across several modules, or allocating memory for public modules. The included module can itself contain its own include statements. You can nest include statements up to eight levels deep.

Panther looks for module among available modules in this order:

  1. Memory-resident modules.
  2. Library module in an open library.
  3. The current directory.
  4. File module in a directory specified by sm_initcrt.
  5. File module in a directory specified by SMPATH.

At runtime, JPL compiles and loads the included module as needed. Compilation occurs before JPL executes the primary module or procedure that contains the include statement. Consequently, compilation errors in the included module prevent execution of the primary module.