Programming Guide


Panther library function interface for service components in JetNet and Oracle Tuxedo

public interface TPFunctionsInterface


int sm_tp_exec(String a1);
WidgetInterface getTpRequest();
WidgetInterface getTpRequest(String callid);


Java only for JetNet and Oracle Tuxedo


Code in a client screen in a Oracle Tuxedo or JetNet application can get a handle to an object that implements TPFunctionsInterface by calling the getTPFunctions method. Methods of service components that implement services in a Oracle Tuxedo or JetNet application receive an object of type TPFunctionsInterface as a parameter.

The method getTPRequest returns a handle to an object that represents a service request. These objects implement WidgetInterface. Interactions with such an object will generally only be for the purpose of querying its property values.

The method sm_tp_exec corresponds to the Panther library function of the same name.