Programming Guide


Panther transaction manager function interface

public interface TMFunctionsInterface


int dm_disable_styles();
int dm_enable_styles();
int dm_exec_sql(int a1, String a2);
int dm_free_sql_info(int a1);
int dm_gen_change_execute_using(String a1, String a2, String a3, int a4, int a5, int a6);
int dm_gen_change_select_from(String a1, String a2, String a3, int a4);
int dm_gen_change_select_group_by(String a1, String a2, int a3);
int dm_gen_change_select_having(String a1, String a2, int a3);
int dm_gen_change_select_list(String a1, String a2, String a3, int a4);
int dm_gen_change_select_order_by(String a1, String a2, int a3, int a4);
int dm_gen_change_select_suffix(String a1, String a2);
int dm_gen_change_select_where(String a1, String a2, int a3);
String dm_gen_get_tv_alias(String a1);
int dm_gen_sql_info(int a1, String a2);
int dm_set_tm_clear_fast(int a1);
void dm_val_relative();
int sm_bi_compare();
int sm_bi_copy();
int sm_bi_initialize();
int sm_tm_clear(int a1);
void sm_tm_clear_model_events();
int sm_tm_clear_no_select(int a1);
int sm_tm_command(String a1);
int sm_tm_command_emsgset(String a1, int a2);
int sm_tm_command_errset(String a1, int a2);
int sm_tm_continuation_validity(int a1);
int sm_tm_dbi_checker(int a1);
int sm_tm_dbms(String a1);
void sm_tm_error(String a1, String a2, String a3, int a4);
int sm_tm_errorlog(int a1, int a2, String a3);
int sm_tm_event(String a1);
String sm_tm_event_name(int a1);
int sm_tm_failure_message(int a1, String a2, String a3);
int sm_tm_handling(int a1);
int sm_tm_inquire(int a1);
int sm_tm_iset(int a1, int a2);
void sm_tm_msg_count_error(String a1, int a2, int a3);
void sm_tm_msg_emsg(String a1, int a2);
void sm_tm_msg_error(String a1, int a2);
int sm_tm_old_bi_context(int a1);
String sm_tm_pinquire(int a1);
int sm_tm_pop_model_event();
int sm_tm_pset(int a1, String a2);
int sm_tm_push_model_event(int a1);
int sm_tm_set_max_bind_name_len(int a1);
int sm_tm_set_save_backward(int a1);
int sm_tm_synchronization(int a1);
int sm_tm_update_pkey();


Java only


To get an object of type TMFunctionsInterface, call the method getTMFunctions. The methods implemented by objects of this type correspond to the Prolifics transaction manager library functions. The getTMFunctions method is supported by all the Java objects that represent Panther objects.