Programming Guide


Panther general library function interface

public interface DMFunctionsInterface


int dm_convert_empty(int a1);
String dm_cursor_connection(String a1);
int dm_cursor_consistent(String a1);
String dm_cursor_engine(String a1);
int dm_dbms(String a1);
int dm_dbms_noexp(String a1);
int dm_get_connection_option(String a1, String a2);
int dm_get_driver_option(String a1, String a2);
int dm_is_connection(String a1);
int dm_is_cursor(String a1);
int dm_is_engine(String a1);
int dm_set_con_pool_size(int a1);
int dm_set_connection_option(String a1, String a2, int a3);
int dm_set_driver_option(String a1, String a2, int a3);
int dm_set_max_fetches(int a1);
int dm_set_max_rows_per_fetch(int a1);


Java only


To get an object that implements DMFunctionsInterface, call the getDMFunctions method. The getDMFunctions method is supported by all the Java objects that represent Panther objects. The methods implemented by an object of type DMFunctionsInterface correspond to the Panther database interface library functions.