Programming Guide


Panther library function interface for MTS applications

public interface ComFunctionsInterface


int log (String text, int code);
int raise_exception (int code);
int receive_args (String text);
int return_args (String text);
int sm_mts_CreateInstance (String text);
int sm_mts_CreateProperty (String group, String prop);
int sm_mts_CreatePropertyGroup (String group);
int sm_mts_DisableCommit ();
int sm_mts_EnableCommit ();
String sm_mts_GetPropertyValue (String group, String prop);
int sm_mts_IsCallerInRole (String role);
int sm_mts_IsInTransaction ();
int sm_mts_IsSecurityEnabled ();
int sm_mts_PutPropertyValue (String group, String prop, String value);
int sm_mts_SetAbort ();
int sm_mts_SetComplete ();


Java only for COM/MTS


Objects that implement this interface provide access to functions that are of use in service components running under COM/MTS. Java methods that implement a service component's public methods are passed an object of type


ComFunction sInterface as a parameter.

Additional COM functions, such as sm_obj_call and sm_com_result, are implemented as part of the CFunctionsInterface.