Appendix A. COM/MTS Utilities

This chapter describes command-line utilities that can help you develop and manage a Panther COM/MTS application. Utility descriptions are organized into the following sections, as applicable:

To get a command-line description of a utility's available arguments and command options, type the utility's name with the -h switch. For example:

makedlls -h


Generate the service component's DLL and associated files

makedlls [-pv] library [library...]

Put the output in the application directory specified by the service component. If not specified, the output is placed in the current directory. The directory setting can be viewed in the editor on the COM section of the Component Interface window.

Display information in verbose mode. Generates a list of service components being processed.

Name of library.


The makedlls utility generates a DLL (.dll), a type library (.tlb), and a client registry file (.inf) for each service component in a Panther application library.

The location of PrlServer.dll, the Panther template DLL, is also specified on the COM section of the Component Interface window. If makedlls cannot find PrlServer.dll at that location, the utility generates an error:

Cannot create service DLL from DLL_path

If the path for PrlServer.dll is unspecified, makedlls looks for the template at $SMBASE\config\PrlServer.dll.