Chapter 2. Starting Development

Preparing the Development Workstation

In order to develop COM components, the following items need to be available on the Windows workstation:

If you also want to test the components on the same machine, you will need:

Preparing for Application Development

Before starting development of your COM application, you may wish to complete the following:

Accessing Databases

In a COM/MTS application, the database can be accessed from the development client, the application client and/or the COM component.

Development clients

Development clients running the editor need to install a Panther database driver in order to make direct connections to the database. Direct connections are required for creating a repository and are also helpful for testing purposes.

Application clients

Client machines needing a direct database connection must install a Panther database driver for the desired database. In other words, a Panther database driver is not required if the clients use COM components to perform all the data fetches and updates.

COM Components

A machine operating as your COM component server must install the ODBC driver from your database vendor in order to access databases. Since the Panther ODBC database driver is built into the Panther DLLs, you will not need to install a Panther database driver on these machines.

In this version, Panther-built COM components can only access databases through ODBC.