Install-Panther WebSphere

Appendix A. Panther Online Documentation

Accessing Panther Documentation

You can access the Panther documentation the following ways:

How to Install Documentation on a Local Machine

Panther documentation is part of the product distribution CDs for both UNIX and Windows platforms.

  1. On Windows, choose the Install Documentation option when you run the installation program. The Start Menu documentation option will launch the documentation home page.
  2. On UNIX, the documentation is installed as part of the product in the docs directory.

How to Install Documentation on an Intranet

  1. Copy the documentation to your HTTP server's documentation directory or to another location on your network.
  2. The URL for the home page is:


How to Access Documentation on the Internet

  1. Enter Prolifics's URL:

cHow to Access Documentation on the CD

In addition to the product CD, there is a documentation CD that can be accessed on a Windows machine.

  1. Place the Windows online documentation CD in your CD drive.
  2. The documentation home page automatically displays.

Viewing the Panther Documentation Website

When you display the documentation home page, you can access the following categories:

Searching for Information

There are different methods to use to search for information.

How to Search the HTML Documentation

  1. Click on the Search page, and follow the instructions for entering your search keywords.
  2. Each HTML book has a Table of Contents and an Index.

How to Search the PDF Documentation

  1. Within a PDF document, use Adobe's search facilities.
  2. Each PDF book has a Table of Contents and an Index. If a book appears in the new PDF format, there are hyperlinks for chapters and sections.