Install-Panther WebSphere

Chapter 2. Installation Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that you complete the appropriate steps to install and configure your Panther development environment for the chosen architecture.

Table 2-1 Pre-Installation Tasks

Determine the application architecture.

Decide which Panther components to install.

Satisfy hardware and software requirements for the components you plan to install.

Table 2-2 Installation Tasks

Install each Panther component.

Table 2-3 Post-Installation Tasks

Submit request for permanent license (you can start using Panther with a Start-up License).

Configure the client.

(Three-tier only) Configure the application server engine.

(Web only) Configure the web application broker.

Verify installation and configuration.

Look at sample applications.

When you complete the appropriate steps in the installation checklist, and set up your application environment, you are ready to build a Panther application.