Error Messages

Panther Installation Error Messages

A Panther installation was not successful if you receive an error message and the program terminates. The following messages describe some of the more common error messages and how to resolve them.

Recurring errors: Occasionally, errors described in this section seem to recur even though the file smvars is in order. More often than not, the problem is that the smvars file (in the config directory), although correct, has not been converted to binary (smvars.bin), which is the required format used by Panther. If the ASCII version of smvars has been edited, be sure to run var2bin to convert it to binary format. Otherwise Panther is not aware of the changes, and it will seem as though smvars was not updated.

Please enter terminal type or <RETURN> to exit. 
Filename: No such file or directory 
SMMSGS: Environment variable missing
SMVARS: Bad file format 
SMVARS: Environment variable missing
SMVARS: No such file or directory 

DLL Messages

The following error messages might occur after a Windows installation and are specific to DLLs required for Panther's database drivers and to DLL version mismatches.

TUXEDO-Specific Messages

Cannot find LIBWSC.DLL

Informix-Specific Messages

Cannot load DLL INF7DM32.DLL
Cannot load DLL INF7DMNT.DLL
Cannot load DLL INF7DMN4.DLL
Cannot load DLL TMINF132.DLL

Microsoft SQL Server-Specific Messages

Cannot load DLL mssdm32.dll
Cannot load DLL tmmss132.dll

ODBC-Specific Messages

Cannot load DLL odb2dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL odb3dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL tmodb132.dll

Oracle-Specific Messages

Cannot load DLL ora7dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL emb7dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL or73dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL em73dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL ora8dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL emb8dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL ora7dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL emb7dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL oxa7dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL exa7dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL ora8dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL emb8dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL oxa8dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL exa8dmnt.dll
Cannot load DLL tmora132.dll

Sybase-Specific Messages

Cannot load DLL db10dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL ct10dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL db11dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL ct11dm32.dll
Cannot load DLL tmsyb132.dll

DLL Version Mismatch Messages

Application Error: Call to Undefined Dynalink

Graph-Related Messages

If graph widgets are not displaying correctly, the following graph-specific errors might be displayed;

Warning: chart <Begin> failed: -1 
Warning: missing graph files in $SMPATH 

License Manager Error Messages

In most circumstances, Prolifics license management is transparent to the developer. This section describes the error messages that can be generated from Panther and from the underlying license manager software, FLEXlm.

Panther License-Related Messages

The messages described in this section can appear when the screen editor is invoked.

All License Types

Prolifics License Manager: Bad date in license file.
Prolifics License Manager: Bad encryption code in license 
Prolifics License Manager: Cannot communicate with server. 
cannot connect to license server ([code,code])
Prolifics License Manager: Cannot connect daemon prold with 
license server.
Prolifics License Manager: Cannot find license file.
Prolifics License Manager: Cannot read license file
Prolifics License Manager: ERROR #[code] , [message]
Prolifics License Manager: [product] feature does not exist.
Prolifics License Manager: Feature [product], Version 
[version] has expired.
Prolifics License Manager: Initialization failed.
Prolifics License Manager: Invalid data received from license 
Prolifics License Manager: Invalid license file syntax.
Prolifics License Manager: malloc() call failed
Prolifics License Manager: Network software (TCP/IP) not 
Prolifics License Manager: Platform not enabled.
Prolifics License Manager: Server does not support feature 
Prolifics License Manager: Time zone offset from GMT more 
then 24 hours
Prolifics License Manager: Unknown vendor key type

Floating Licenses

Prolifics License Manager: All [product] licenses are currently in use.
Prolifics License Manager: Cannot communicate with license 
server or your [product] license was obtained by another user 
when the license server was restarted.
Prolifics License Manager: FLEXlm key data bad.
Prolifics License Manager: Bad server hostname in license 
Prolifics License Manager: No SERVER lines in license file.
Prolifics License Manager: Version [version] not supported on 

Node-locked Licenses

The following Panther startup error information is specific to node-locked licenses.

Prolifics License Manager: Cannot find ethernet device.
Prolifics License Manager: [product] not authorized for this 
Prolifics License Manager: Version [version] not supported.

Create License Utility

The following error information is specific to the create_license utility.

No license files (.lic) were detected.
Unable to create license.dat
Inconsistent DAEMON lines.
Inconsistent SERVER lines.

FLEXlm Informational Messages

The following messages are generated by FLEXlm license management software, and is provided courtesy of the FLEXlm Programmer's Guide.

Connected to node
CONNECTED, master is name
DENIED: N feature to user (mm/dd/yy hh:mm)
EXPIRED: feature
IN: feature by user (N licenses) (used: d:hh:mm:ss)
IN server died: feature by user (N licenses) (used: d:hh:mm:ss)
License Manager server started
Lost connection to host
Lost quorum
MASTER SERVER died due to signal nnn
MULTIPLE xxx servers running.
Please kill, and restart license daemon
OUT: feature feature by user (N licenses) (used: d:hh:mm:ss) 
Removing clients of children
RESERVE feature for HOST name
RESERVE feature for USER name
Restarted xxx (internet port nnn)
Retrying socket bind (address in use)
Selected (EXISTING) master node
SERVER shutdown requested
[NEW] Server started for: feature-list
Shutting down xxx
SIGCHLD received. Killing child servers.
Started name
Trying connection to node

FLEXlm Configuration Problem Messages

hostname: Not a valid server host, exiting
hostname: Wrong hostid, exiting
BAD CODE for feature-name
CANNOT OPEN options file file
Couldn't find a master
license daemon: lost all connections
lm_server: lost all connections
lost lock, exiting
NO DAEMON line for daemon
NO DAEMON line for name
NO DAEMON lines, exiting
No features to serve!
No license data for feature, feature unsupported
Unable to re-open lock file
Unknown host: hostname
UNSUPPORTED FEATURE request: feature by user

Daemon Software Error Messages

BAD PID message from nnn: xxx (msg)
BAD SCONNECT message: (message)
Cannot create pipes for server communication
Can't allocate server table space
Connection to node TIMED OUT
Error sending PID to master server
f-do-notify called with no valid feature
Illegal connection request to DAEMON
Illegal server connection request
KILL of child failed, errno = nnn
No internet port number specified
Not enough descriptors to re-create pipes
read: error message
recycle_control BUT WE DIDN'T HAVE CONTROL
return_reserved: can't find feature listhead
select: message
Server exiting
Unsolicited msg from parent!
WARNING: CORRUPTED options list (o->next == 0)
Options list TERMINATED at bad entry