Getting Started-JetNet

Lesson 17. The Finale

Congratulations! You have created a fully functional, three-tier Panther application. So, now take it from the top!

  1. If you have not started up your application, boot your application now, invoke the editor and open a middleware session.
  2. Choose FileTest Mode (press F2) or .
  3. Choose OptionsOpen Screen. The Enter Screen Name dialog box opens.

  4. Enter dstslect and choose OK.

    Any screen that might have been open in test mode closes, and the Select Distributor screen opens.

  5. Choose .

    All distributors in the vidsales database are displayed.

  6. Scroll down the list and double-click on the row for distributor ID.

    The Distributor Orders screen opens and displays the information associated with the distributor Video Signs, Inc.—this is the record you added in Lesson 9.

  7. Double-click on the Order_num 1211.

    There are no order items associated with the order, so now you can add some.

  8. Enter the following order items, pressing TAB between each entry. he totals are updated appropriately.

    ID Qty Price







  9. You can add, update, or delete order items. Or delete the entire order by choosing the Delete Order button.

You can always find something more to do that will improve an application. Continue to enhance the screens—for instance, add a Details push button to invoke the send_data procedure from the Distributor Orders screen, or add a Done button to the Order Item Detail screen that will take the user back to the Select Distributor screen.

You have successfully completed the tutorial!