Getting Started-JetNet

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Introducing Panther
Introducing the Tutorial
Module 1—Preparing the Server and the Client
1. Setting Up the Server
2. Configuring the Servers
3. Setting Up the Client
4. Defining a Test Service
5. Setting Up the Web Application Server
Module 2—Creating and Testing Screens
6. Creating a Repository
7. Using the Screen Wizard
8. Defining Services
9. Testing the Screens
10. Setting Properties to Query the Database
Module 3—Connecting the Screens
11. Enhancing the Screen
12. Inheriting from the Repository
13. Writing and Executing JPL
14. Customizing Screen Behavior
Module 4—Extending the Application
15. Implementing Selection Screens
16. Calculating Data from Database Values
17. The Finale
A. Setting Up the Tutorial
B. Troubleshooting