Getting Started-JetNet

Appendix A. Setting Up the Tutorial

The tutorial steps assume that the Panther development client, Panther application server, and Panther web application server are installed on the same machine. The following diagrams illustrate typical configurations for the tutorial using a Panther web application named vidstore.

For a three-tier JetNet application on a UNIX server using UNIX development clients, a typical configuration for the tutorial would be:

The tutorial directory created in your home directory serves as the application directory and contains a setup file, the application libraries, the environment files, and the database.

For a three-tier JetNet application on Windows, a typical configuration would be:

The JetNet application can use a Windows development client with a UNIX web application server if the application libraries and database are available on the UNIX HTTP server. The following diagram illustrates the Panther application server and web application server installed on the UNIX server: