Getting Started-2-Tier

Appendix B. Troubleshooting

This section describes problems you might encounter when setting up the Panther environment, or when running Panther, and tells you where to look for more information.

Program Startup

By default, Java is initialized on program startup. (You can change this initialization by setting one of the behavior variables, JAVA_USE.)

Windows clients having an old version of the Java DLLs display an error message when starting Panther, Java Not Supported. To update the Java DLLs, run the Microsoft Java executable in $SMBASE\jvm.

Tutorial Errors

If you try to select data or enter new data without a database connection, two error messages will be displayed, one from the database interface and one from the transaction manager.

Database Interface Error:  Error executing statement 
Error Number : 53271
Error Message: No connection active.
Error: error in common model dm_common_model event TM_TEST_ERROR:
Error in User Hook Function or Transaction Model

Declare a database connection using DatabaseConnect in test mode or FileOpenDatabase in the editor.

Web Applications

If a web application's cache files have been deleted, Panther displays the following error message:

Your cached data is no longer available.

Press the web browser's Refresh/Reload button to redisplay the specified screen.