Using the Editors

Appendix A. Keyboard Interface

Panther provides a keyboard interface that allows you to use the editor in character mode without a mouse. The editor provides:

The logical keys referred to in this appendix, such as XMIT or EXIT, are defined in your key translation file. Refer to Chapter 6, "Key Translation File," in Configuration Guide for more information on key mapping.

Navigating Between Screens in the Editor

With the keyboard you can navigate:

This can be done via the menu bar mnemonics or via accelerators. To access the menu bar, press Alt followed by the mnemonic (the underlined or highlighted character) indicated on the menu choice—for example, to access the Windows menu and execute Next System Screen, press Alt+W, then press S. Table A-1 illustrates using mnemonics and accelerators for moving among screens in the editor.

Table A-1 Navigating in the screen editor

To access Choose or Press Accelerator

Properties window

Enter* (from an application screen)

An open System menu


Menu bar


Menu bar options

MNBR, then the menu option mnemonic

Application screens

WindowsNext User Screen


Panther windows

WindowsNext System Screen


*Opens the Properties window, if not already open, and brings focus to it.

Manipulating Screens

To move, resize, and scroll a screen, access the system menu (in the upper left corner of the screen):

  1. Press ALSYS. The system menu contains the items you need to manipulate the screen that currently has focus.
  2. Activate an action by pressing the mnemonic associated with that item. The system menu now displays as a menu bar. For example, press M to choose the Move option. Asterisks appear at the corners of the active screen.
  3. Use the Panther logical arrow keys (such as LARR, RARR, DARR, UARR) to move, resize, or scroll the screen.
  4. To carry out another action, press the mnemonic associated with that item.
  5. Press XMIT to return focus to the screen and restore the default menu bar.

Creating Widgets

Panther provides several ways to create a widget with the keyboard

To create a widget without using a mouse:

  1. Use either of the following methods:
  2. Return focus to your application screen (for example, by pressing F9 until the desired screen has focus).
  3. Do any of the following to place the widget:

Selecting and Manipulating Widgets

Use the following shortcuts while in an application screen to select objects. Once an object is selected, you can copy, move, and resize it as well as gain access to its properties. These keyboard shortcuts are case-insensitive.

Table A-2 Manipulating widgets from a standard keyboard

To Description

Move the cursor

Use cursor movement keys (Panther logical arrow keys LSHF, RSHF, SPGU, and SPGD).

Select a screen

Position the cursor in an empty space on the screen and press + (plus).

Select a widget

Position the cursor on the widget and press + (plus).

Move to next widget

Press TAB.

Move to previous widget

Press BACK.

Select multiple widgets

Press S to start selection box; move the cursor to extend the selection box. Press XMIT to accept the selection box, or EXIT to cancel the selection.

Deselect a widget

Position the cursor on the widget and press - (hyphen).

Toggle selection

Press Spacebar to select/deselect the widget under the cursor.

Move a widget

Press M to move selected widgets; use cursor movement keys to position the selection set. Press XMIT to accept the move, or EXIT to cancel the move.

Copy a widget

Press C to copy selected widgets; use cursor movement keys to move the selection set. Press XMIT to accept the copy and place the widgets, or EXIT to cancel the copy.

Resize a widget

Press R to resize a selected widget. Use cursor movement keys to increase the size of the widget in the de sired dimension. Press XMIT to accept the size. Use EXIT to cancel the resize.

Cut a widget

Choose EditCut or the accelerator Ctrl+X to cut a widget to the clipboard.

Paste a widget

Choose EditPaste or the accelerator Ctrl+V. The widget is pasted at the location from which it was cut. If another widget occupies that position, the pasted widget is shifted down and right by one grid unit.

Delete a widget

Press DELE to remove selected widgets.