Application Development

Chapter 5 . Preparing the Application Server

In three-tier applications, the application server:

The chapter summarizes the preparation steps needed for:

In COM/MTS applications, distributed application processing is achieved by deploying COM components and their Panther service components on remote machines using DCOM or MTS. Refer to Chapter 5, "Deploying COM Components" in COM/MTS Guide for information.

JetNet Application Server

For the JetNet middleware adapter, the Panther application server can run on a Windows or UNIX machine. To prepare the application server for each application, you need to create the application directory, populate it with the necessary files, apply your environment settings, and configure the types of servers needed for the application.

Create the Application Directory

Create the application directory and populate it with the necessary files.

Configure the Application Servers

Panther provides you with the ability to configure three types of servers: standard servers for three-tier development and production environments, a conversion server to service three-tier applications you converted from a two-tier architecture, and file access servers used for both two- and three-tier development to provide the development team access to remote libraries, repositories, and report generation facilities.

The application servers in Panther for JetNet:

An application server invokes an executable that contains one or more services that can be called by clients and other servers. Server executables are provided and can easily be initialized using the JetNet manager provided with Panther.

As you develop your application you might find that you'll need to build new executables to incorporate your own C functions, or configure a standard server for production purposes as opposed to development.

See Also

For additional information on configuring the application directory and the server environment, refer to Chapter 2, "Setting the Enterprise Environment," in JetNet/Oracle Tuxedo Guide.

The tutorial also contains a lesson on setting up the server environment (refer to Lesson 2 in Getting Started-JetNet).

Oracle Tuxedo Application Server

For the Oracle Tuxedo middleware adapter, refer to Chapter 2, "Setting the Enterprise Environment," in JetNet Guide/Oracle Tuxedo Guide and follow the directions provided with Oracle Tuxedo for setting up and initializing servers.

WebSphere Application Server

WebSphere Application Server provides a full-featured distributed application environment for component-based systems using Java-based technologies. Enterprise JavaBeans created in the Panther editor can be deployed on WebSphere in both web and GUI environments.

For complete information on setting up your WebSphere application server, refer to "How to Set Up the Application Server Engine" in Panther for IBM WebSphere Developer's Studio.