From JAM 5 to JAM7/Prolifics, the syntax for JPL commands have been improved to follow C conventions. For backwards compatibility though, JAM 7 and Prolifics still support the old JAM 5 syntax. However, as part of the upgrade process, it is highly recommended that any existing JAM 5 JPL be converted to the new syntax. The utility of jam5conv automatically parses your JAM5 forms and JPL files and replaces the outdated syntax with the JAM 7/Prolifics convention.

Note that this utility deals with the ascii version of the screen. Use f2asc to convert the JAM screen to and from its ascii version prior and after using jam5conv.

jam5conv [-j <JPL file directory>] [-e <JPL file extension>]
         [-f <JAM form directory>] [-E <JAM form extension>]
         [-d <directory for converted jpl files>]
         [-D <directory for converted JAM forms>]
         [-c <name of C funclist file>]
         [-w <work directory>]

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