f5to6 converts a JAM 5 form into the format of a JAM 7 screen. All JAM 5 fields on the form will be converted into JAM 7 widgets.

In addition to other minor improvements, the improved f5to6 has the new flag of "-p", which results in more accurate PI positioning. This new f5to6 is available with JAM 7.35. To upgrade to JAM 7.35, please contact Prolifics Technical Support.

f5to6 [-v<num>] [-g<c>] [-s<c>] [-kflbcdmp5] <input file> <output file>
-v<num> Set verbosity level. Default: 1.
-g<c> Set graphic convert type: N = none (dflt), S = simple.
-s<c> Set color conversion scheme: R, X or W.
-k Keep JPL extensions on the output form.
-f Allow output file to overwrite existing file.
-l Menu arrays become list boxes by default.
-b Force border unless <<noborder>> is specified.
-c Convert onscreen control fields to properties.
-d Delete onscreen control fields.
-m Convert keyset designations to menu designations.
-p Set PI values for hmargin, vmargin, hbuffer & vbuffer.
-5 Leave fields as release 5 fields by default.

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